About the authors

This guide is an initiative of Kate Beecroft and Francesca Pick from Greaterthan, and organization that trains and advises teams at the forefront of decentralized, self-managed and participatory work. We use a variety of tools and practices to help these organizations face some of the biggest challenges related to power, money and governance.

The foundations and first chapter of this guide were written by us, and what comes after depends on who contributes!

Francesca Pick works in and with distributed networks and communities on collaborative governance practices. She helped build the international Ouishare community and its conference Ouishare Fest. Grown up between cultures, she loves bridge building: between (organizational) cultures, techies and intellectuals, startups and non-profits, budgeting and collaboration.

Kate Beecroft runs trainings for practitioners and theorists interested in self management and cooperative entrepreneurship. Her journey with self management started in the Enspiral network. She believes that the principles of self management can help strengthen an emerging new economy where people create structures that serve them.

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